About JMRCAbout

About Japan Myopia Retina Club

Japan Myopia Retina Club (JMRC) is aimed to promote the basic/clinical academic activity in myopia and retinal field by Japanese researchers. Another aim is to enhance the global interaction with researcher’s, organizations, and companies outside Japan with young Japanese ophthalmologists.

  • 1) Annual meetings (spring and autumn) with presentation and discussion by English-speaking basis. Invites international guest speakers, if available.
  • 2) Mainly targeted on young ophthalmologists, basic researchers, co-medicals, organization and company employees, and anyone who is working for eye research field from and outside Japan
  • 3) Discuss on retinal and myopic field, including epidemiology, pathology, clinical information, treatments, surgeries, imaging technologies, and anything from basic/clinical research.

We are looking for partners and sponsors to contribute to our acvitity. Please contact our office by e-mail. Reviewing process may apply.

Greeting from the President

I am very delightful to announce you that we have the Japan Myopia Retina Club (JMRC). This organization is non-profitable and voluntary group to discuss and exchange the cutting-edge information of myopia and retina field. I like to give a special thanks to professor Kyoko Ohno-Matsui as a co-founder of this meeting, and her loyalty. Also I like to thank all the companies, incorporations, and individuals who are supporting us financially.

Recent advancement of internet technology is making new global network which has never been possible by conventional real-world modalities. This has enabled us to real-time communication with enthusiastic eye field researchers all over the world. Also we realize the need for English-speaking communicative platform in Japanese medical field.

The mission of JMRC is to enhance global communication and education by having English-speaking lectures and meeting of this field. By doing so, we would like to sustainably continue this contribution to not only to Japanese but to the world-wide ophthalmology field.

We welcome colleagues, friends, and anyone who has a passion to fight myopic/retinal diseases. We are looking forward to seeing you in JMRC.

Yasushi Ikuno, MD President JMRC
Founder and director,
Ikuno Eye Center